Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do Real Design Problems lead to Greater Engagement ?

"So what went right today?" was how I was left at the end of the afternoon when I had just finished having a double period with my year 10 group.
I am the first to admit that year 10 is my "nemesis" year group and I am constantly grateful for the help, support, shoulder that my fellow teachers give to me in times of need.

Today, we got underway with an activity which we had got partially through on Tuesday.
I brought up the fact that I needed a few volunteers to design some CD covers. Our HOD music had brought the possibility to me a while ago. His students are creating their own songs based on our school values of RISE - Respect, Integrity, Success and Responsibility, which they are putting onto CD's. These CD's have cases which need cover art.
Four volunteers came forward and we set to working out what they needed to find out. They wrote up a set of questions and off they went to interview their "client" - the HOD music.
When they came back with his answers, we sat and did a brainstorm of possibilities of images to use. This then was slowly converted into a mood board of images that were printed out and they got on with 2 design ideas each.
We have a very tight deadline as this is needed by the end of term ( another two weeks ), so they have next Tuesday's lesson to complete their designs then they have to go and present them to their client to see which way the final design has to go. On Thursday's double lesson next week they have to learn to use Adobe Illustrator, produce a final design each and make a mock up of the final product. These then need to be show to the client and a decision made as to which one goes into production.

The 4 boys are LOVING IT !!!!

This situation has the following factors :-

  • Real life situation
  • Very tight deadline
  • Work that will be seen and used by a real audience
  • They volunteered for the work after being given all the details

I don't know which of these points is affecting this situation the most or if it is a combination of them all but I want to bottle it. Absolute magic.

PS... I think some of the others in the class will be doing some design ideas too on Tuesday.. hhmmm

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