Monday, March 30, 2015

Online External Moderation - The Process in Design and Visual Communication

This year, DVC sent it's first totally online external moderation away. This screen cast briefly explains the process.

The key points are :-

  • Make sure everything that the students have done for the project is available online.
  • Make sure all paper work / drawn work is scanned and uploaded.
  • Make sure all 3D work / models are photographed and uploaded.
  • Have a central place for all the work ( I use Google Sites with my students as an online design portfolio, but individual documents within a project can be put in one folder and the link to the folder sent as evidence )
  • Make sure all course planning work is online.
  • Have the assessment sheet that you used to assess the students work available online.
  • Link everything to one moderation form that is stored online, so this can be shared with NZQA
  • Make sure everything you are sending away has it's sharing settings set to public.
The process went very well this year and NZQA liked the process that I went through so much that when they were visiting the school to talk to other staff about how they work online, they wanted to talk to me about my online moderation.
On the moderation feedback form, they specifically mentioned the process we had gone through as well as commenting on the planning and work.

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