Monday, July 13, 2015

Organising Work in the Holidays...

It is the two weeks holiday at the moment and I received an email from one of my Year 10 students who have signed up to do the online course this year. This email was inviting me to view a folder of work on Google Drive.
He has started collecting his information about his chosen architect, and it is interesting to see how a student's mind works away from the "influence" of a teacher.
He has copied the instructions from the Google Site for this particular task onto his doc and made them into a checklist for himself that he is working through and ticking off as he goes. This doc was originally made and shared by me as place to put the information found about the architect so the students can read through it and assess what parts they need to use. It has a place to put links to their sources and the main area to paste their found information. I like the way this student has up cycled this doc to make more use out of it.
Maybe I need to add more "lists" into the planning of a task for students to use?

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