Tuesday, July 21, 2015

To Nag or Not to Nag... That is the Question...

The thing with an online course is this.....
You create it, send out the link to students to get them to sign up then you get to wait...
Will they sign up?
Will they do the work?
Will they be able to follow all the work you have put together?
Will they get stuck part way through?
Is there enough support built in?

I decided today to contact all the students who had originally signed up for the course, whether they have started something or not.
I did this by email so they didn't feel pressured of me being in their face about it.

"Hello Lovely  People who signed up for the online course...
This is just a little email to ask if you need any help or support with anything.
Don't be shy if you are stuck or have any questions

Miss Ferguson"

How much contact is Ok?
When does it turn into nagging?

This online course idea is going to be good for students, with more opportunities, but i'm not sure it is good for my worrying!!

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