Saturday, July 4, 2015

Using Google Plus Communities with Year 10's

I have been using Google Plus Communities with my Year 10 class for the first time on this Technology rotation.
We have used them so that :-

  • Everyone can see everyone else's work so we can all benefit from the support and direction of the whole group
  • The work can be organised into categories down the left hand side and easily found
  • I can share examples with the students as they need them, so they are immediate to their needs and not having to be found on a static site.
  • I can record skills sessions and share them so the students have access to rewindable learning whenever they want / need it

I decided for this group, to change the whole Year 10 course and give them access to a Level 1 DVC project. I hope that this gives them a better understanding of what they would be expected to do if they choose DVC as one of their Level 1 options. As this is a Level 1 standard project, I felt that the added support that a Google Plus Community can give to a class would be a good step.
Here is a link to the community - it is set so that it can be viewed by anyone.
If you want some Google Plus help, check out the How To's here...

Here is a screen cast showing how we use it.

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