Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Live Periscope Posts of my Class....

I have been hearing a lot on line about the Periscope app and decided to give it a go myself. I installed it last weekend and had a go at live streaming during my walks round town on Saturday. I quickly became fascinated by all the live streams coming in from all around the world. Powerful stuff!!

Today, I met my new Year 9 class on their Technology rotation.
We needed to talk about safety in the workshop and my plan was to let them loose in groups, making their own safety videos on the iPads. While they were busy doing this, I made the decision to have a go at live streaming from the class room. I didn't warn the students before hand and they just thought I was videoing them normally on my phone. They were shy and "oh miss, what are you doing, unfair!!" to start with and then they really didn't care when they got into their task. All the time I was filming, I was secretly praying that no stray swear words would come floating though the work shop. So, fingers crossed and I gave it a go...
Here are links to the videos today...
Stream 1 , Stream 2,  Stream 3,  Stream 4,
It is good how it gives you the option to save it onto your phone, but it still keeps it online for you to link to as well. It puts up a notification in Twitter if you want it to to advertise your stream.
The next step will be to get the students to live broadcast themselves.... good stuff.

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