Thursday, September 3, 2015

SOLO structured questioning with Year 10 students

I have been thinking about questioning techniques with my students for a while now as a way to effectively analyse the design work of others and their own.
I had thought about question types with the different SOLO levels on this blog post here.
I then started putting together some example questions for my new Year 10 group to use to analyse the design of mobile phones. A great, helpful resource here was the iPad app made by Hook Education - Question Generator. This helped me to categorise my thoughts about this activity into where they should be within the SOLO structure.

Here is the presentation I made for the students to use to break down their questions.

We had a go at this activity this afternoon, and I was pleased with the improved level of thought that the Year 10's put into their analysis. It was quite a small start today, but it is definitely something that I want to build on. We need to get more comfortable with the idea so the students can then use the structure to build better questions of their own for a more in depth analysis.
Here are links to some student samples of the day ...

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