Monday, August 7, 2017

Stepping up the Product Analysis using SOLO

As part of my Manaiakalani Class Onair work this term, I am focussing in on design analysis.
We have done simple exercises and analysed each others designs. We are now spending 5-10 minutes at the start of each lesson analysing a different product. We do this all together round the front table, looking at the product projected onto the board. The analysis is done verbally, so all they have to worry about is answering and talking, not about phrasing sentences and typing up answers. They all have to listen to each other and no answer is a wrong answer. They are allowed to discuss and question each other's answers but it is a good exercise in using their key competencies and RISE values.
The answers that the students gave during the sessions were then written up onto a Google Drawing and shared into the class Google Plus Communities so the students could refer back to them and remind themselves what was said.
My next step is to interview the students for Class Onair and see what value they are taking from these exercises. They are in the middle of their own design developments and need to analyse their own work. I want to know from them if this work is helping them with their own analysis work or if it is just taking time away from them in the lesson.

Here are some of the product analysis diagrams that we have done. All typed elements are what the students gave as verbal feedback on the days we did these products.
The colour coding on the written parts are linked to the SOLO taxonomy posters that are up in every class room.

The complexity of the questions has changed each day as we have done this.
We started off just describing and listing - keeping on the unistructural and multistructural levels. We have slowly moved to explaining why design decisions have been made and how these decisions have affected the design. How things are used by people and how this changes any decisions made.

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