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Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir Lesson 14 - Design Portfolios

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Direct Instruction

The students are gathered round the front of the class room very briefly for instruction. They are to use the site template that they started at the beginning of the year to put all of their project work on.
Work that is online needs to be put into their subject folder and this whole folder made public. This will ensure everything embedded on their site from this folder will be able to be viewed by anyone.
The students are to ensure that their sketch book work has been scanned and uploaded to the class communities so that it is available to be included on their sites.
Anyone who does not have a portfolio site is to sort out time with the teacher in order for that to be sorted out as soon as possible.

This is the whole class chat about using the Google Sites that they made at the start of the year using a template supplied by the teacher.

This is the direct instruction to one Year 11 student who has not set up their Google Site yet.

This shows some of the students working on their portfolio sites and a couple of them talking about putting the site together.

Lesson Topic :- Portfolio Sites
Year Group :-  Year 11, 12 and 13
Learning Outcome
The students will have presented all of their up to date project work on their portfolio site (Google Site)

Success Criteria
Using SOLO

Extended abstract
Students will have identified all of their online work and will have filed it in the appropriate folder in their drive.
Students will have scanned their sketchbooks and will combine these scans with their online work in their folder.
Students will embed their online documents and their scanned designed work onto their Google Site in an order that makes sense so that the project flows and each part relates to the next in sequence.
Students will use their Google Site to present all of their project work together to create an online portfolio.
They will use presentation skills to create an online portfolio that shows them and their work in a good light.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum
Level 1,2 and 3
The students put all of their project work over the year into a portfolio.
This used to be all on paper and posted to Wellington in November. It is now a combination of a portfolio site in the form of a Google Site and their sketch books with their original drawings in. The Google site has all of the online documents that the students have completed for their research. It also has scans and photographs of
The link to the online portfolio and their sketchbook are sent away together and the external components of the projects are marked.
  • Thinking - making sure they have everything sorted out ready to include on the site. Use the class site as a guide to know what they need to have.
  • Using language, symbols, and texts - visually presenting their work in the correct order on a Google Site.
  • Managing self - using the RISE values when doing this work on their own and staying on task.
  • Participating and contributing - helping others when stuck with how to put content on their site and with what understanding what work needs to go where.
  • Relating to others - responding to the ideas and help from others in a positive way.

Prior knowledge
Most of the students made their Google Site at the start of the year by using the template supplied by the teacher.
They have completed most of their project work ready to go onto the sites.
They have used Google Sites before and are aware of how to embed things onto the pages.
Lesson Sequence

Session Outline
The students will mostly be working at their own pace, online. They will be finding all of their work in their drive and adding it to their Google Site as an online portfolio.
Student Activity
Teacher Activity
  • The students will sit round the front table and listen together to the teacher outlining what to do and reminding them of what to put on their Google Site.
  • Remind students that we made Google Sites at the start of the year by using the supplied template made by the teacher.
  • Go over what needs to go where, what the headings and tables of contents on the pages mean and what they should be embedding.
  • Point out where online help is in the form of the portfolio help page on the class site - this is for when they forget how to embed items etc…
  • Scanning of drawn work in sketchbooks where needed.
  • Individual help and support where needed.
  • Help with students who don’t have a Google site yet.
  • Find all of their online work and make sure it is in the appropriate folder on their Google Drive.
  • Get their scanned work from the Google Plus Community.
  • Present all of their project work on their Google Site.
  • The students need to make the folder they have put their work into is public so that everything in it is public and able to be viewed by anyone viewing them on their site.
  • Make sure the Google Site is public.
  • Share the site on the class Google Plus Community

Google site templates
Google Plus Communities Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
Next Steps
The students need to continue to add work to their portfolio site as they finish it to keep the sites up to date.
Reflection and Analysis

What went well.

Having the students find all of their online project work and make sure it is in their class folder was a good way of refreshing their memories on what they have completed over the project time.
They then had to make this folder public. This was very useful as it stops them having to remember to make each individual document public so that they are viewable when embedded on their sites.
Reminding the students at the start of this activity what to do was useful as although they all know how to “do” sites, it has been a while since we were last on them and it is not something they are doing every day, so they forget.

What still needs work.

There were students who started a little late into the year so had not made the portfolio site at the start of the year like the rest of the group. I had to sit with these students individually to go through what to do and how to do it.  It would have been better if
I had sat with them when they first joined the class, so they were ready to go with the sites when the work was done and ready.
I need to get the students to keep their sites up to date as they complete elements of work within the projects. This will then stop the need to do this in a big session at the end of projects. This is important as if the students do not come to class as often towards the end of term 3 and start of term 4 due to a variety of reasons, then their sites are up to date and ready to be sent away in November for external marking.

Student Work

Autymn - Level 1
Max - Level 2
Alex - Level 2

Class Google Plus Communities

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