Monday, September 25, 2017

Vocabulary Activity Planning for Jump Start

When our senior students leave next term, our Year 10 students start their new NCEA Level 1 courses. They get and early "Jump Start" for next year.
The first project that my NCEA Level 1 students do is AS91069 - Promote an organised body of design work to an audience using visual communication techniques. I have them do this by looking at the work of a selection of architects and then design a poster to promote that work, with the layout of the poster being in the style of the architect.
I have planned a basic overview of the course using the schools Unit Plan template. What I want to add into this now are activities based around literacy and vocabulary. I have written a blog post here about why my inquiry has made a move into the area of literacy. Part of my thinking and planning for literacy has involved me visiting the class of +Robyn Anderson , which I have written about here. I have used a number of ideas taken from this visit with my planning.

I will get the students to work in pairs - this will be the start of my using small group work to support their confidence. They will get a film poster and a set of 10 words. (in the yellow diagram above). I will not be giving them the meanings of the words and I want them to discuss between them in their pairs where they will stick the words on the poster (just by using blue tack).
I will then use a list created on to let the students research what the words mean. They will then get a chance to move the words around on the poster if they decide they need to after reading the meanings.
Green laminated cards will be available for the students to write meanings in their own words to go with the words.

I have purposefully made the initial words cards yellow and the meaning cards green to link to the colours on the SOLO Taxonomy posters in the class room.
Yellow for Unistructural / Labels.
Green for Multistructural / Describe.

All of the work that the students do for this activity will be put up on the class room walls for them to refer to afterwards so they can easily remind themselves of the first 10 words we have used to describe parts of a design.
I intend to keep adding vocabulary words to the wall as we use them to build a growing bank that they can refer to easily.

I intend to film this activity as part of my Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir work next term, so will be blogging about how it goes then.

I have put all of the resources for this activity in a folder on Google Drive. Link here.

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