Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Reading Activity Planning for Jump Start

As part of my inquiry into literacy and vocabulary in Design and Visual Communication, I am putting together activities for my Jump Start students in term 4.
The standard that they will be doing involves making a poster about an architect's work and this will involve them reading, understanding and extracting useful information from a variety of websites and sources about their chosen architect. There are 4 literacy credits on offer for this standard too, so it is well worth doing as thoroughly as possible.

I have taken some information from the internet for them for this first try at this so we can focus in on a small part of the information that is out there.
The original source for this information is linked at the bottom of the document.

I have had some success with a similar style with my Year 10 group recently, so I thought that I would adapt this approach to see if it would help my students understand the written information about their architect's work any better. Blog post here.

Link to the activity here

I want them to mainly READ the information about the Chrysler Building. They then have to pull out some identified pieces of information and colour code them in reference to SOLO levels of unistructural, multistructural and relational. This will mean they have to read through the information a few times to find the bits that they need to highlight. This reading is key to their understanding of the work they are looking at as the students are really good at collecting information but not really knowing what it is about as they have not read it.

They are then going to collect the words that they don't understand and put them together with the rest of the class in an Answer Garden. They can then see all the words that everyone is having problems with. I am planning an activity after this one to work on understanding this collection of words together as a class.

Everyone's documents will also be shared in the class Google Plus Community so they will all be able to see each others' work and see parts they have missed.

This exercise will be filmed for Manaiakalani Class OnAir,  so I will be analysing how this went in term 4

After sharing this document this some colleagues in the English Department, the suggestion was made to put an example for each one in place for the students to see, so I have included that in the template.

Later on in the same project, they are required to analyse what they have found and pull out key features to rewrite in their own words. They can't do this if they have no understanding of the information they have been collecting together. This exercise is the first of quite a few steps I am planning to get them to have a few strategies that they can use.

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