Monday, March 26, 2018

Baseline (ish) Writing Task

After doing my inquiry breakdown, I received feedback about how to start and how to measure any change.
We were told in our CoL meeting that we needed to be able to monitor, track and measure any changes in smaller steps rather than waiting till the end of a project to see how the students have done.
In light of that, I have been thinking of tasks we can be doing till the end of term. This will then lead us into our design analysis of the chair designs we are doing next.

Today, the class did the first part in the yellow box.
I shared the following template with them and told them that they were not to ask each other about it and I would not be answering any questions.

Here are the samples that the students did today.
This will be my starting point for tracking any changes in the students writing in my subject.
(I have made copies and changed the file names)

Student 1 Sample
Student 2 Sample
Student 3 Sample
Student 4 Sample
Student 5 Sample
Student 6 Sample
Student 7 Sample
Student 8 Sample
Student 9 Sample
Student 10 Sample
Student 11 Sample
Student 12 Sample
Student 13 Sample
Student 14 Sample


  1. Hi Karen, I really like your baseline measurement. It's simple and easy to do; it also functions as practice for the students so it's not like you're taking time out of their learning just to test them for your own benefit. I think you should give them exactly the same task in exactly the same conditions at the end; no talking to neighbours, you not answering any questions.. you could change the objects if you wanted but I think if you gave them the identical one then a) at first they would be bewildered - "but we've already done this!" and you could say "yes, and you've learnt lots since then, so try do better than your past-self!" and then you could compare the pre and post versions with the least variables. In fact, all that will have changed between the two is the stuff between their ears.