Thursday, March 22, 2018

CoL Meeting - Main Take Outs and Task List

We had our second CoL meeting of the term today. We had presentations from :

Meta Analysis of Inquiries

Dr Rebecca Jesson, Woolf Fisher Research Centre
“WFRC will analyse data and evidence from teachers’ inquiries to identified Learn Create Share practices likely to contribute to accelerated progress for students.”


Language Acquisition & Development as the Inquiry Lens into your subject/level

Dr Jannie van Hees

I have isolated my main take outs from these presentations in the slides above. 
This has led to this task list to be focussing on and questions to answer.

My Inquiry 
  • What chain of events am I wanting to put into place going from the achievement challenge, through the measurable outcomes, to the interventions that I want to try? 
  • How am I going to measure the plan? - both short term and long term. 
  • What will be the starting point for the measure? 
  • What interventions do I want to try? 
  • Why am I doing these? 
  • What am I hoping to achieve with these interventions? 

Moving forward with Literacy 
  • Make the vocabulary that I want the students to learn obvious and connected to the context. 
  • Making sure the students use the new vocabulary in multiple ways and multiple times. 
  • Linking back to what they already know. 
  • New ways of approaching the vocabulary work to make the students focus and notice. 


  1. Totally agree about linking back to prior knowledge and making it relevant and connected for our learners

    1. Hi Donna
      I decided to take out just a few key things to focus on and then build from there.
      My head might explode if I try too much at once!!!