Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reflection on School Goal 1

Goal 1 Maori Achievement

To raise Maori student achievement and cultural visibility. 
That 85% of Maori students will achieve NCEA Level 2.

My NCEA DVC Level 2 class of 14 students has 31% Maori students in it. 
Last year, I had experimented with some of the tasks being done together in small groups. This was a successful experiment and I received some very good feedback from the students in regard to this.
Mahi tahi and manakitanga are elements that I started the year wanting to include a lot more of. They gave the students last year support and more confidence in their project work.

So far this year my Year 12 students have all joined the class Google Plus Community and have been doing elements of the first project,  AS91627, in small groups of two or three. They have been helping each other with the collection of information and it has been a "no man left behind" situation. They have then felt more confident when they have had to produce the individual evidence for the standard. This standard is almost complete at this point and I will feedback on the credit outcomes and what the students thought about it when they have finished.


  1. I remember how you had your senior students teaching elements of design to your junior class last year, and the juniors seemed to really love this mode of learning. I remember how engaged the students were, both as teachers and learners which was great to see. Looks like you're continuing with more collaborative teaching strategies. Love your analogy of "no man left behind", and great example of Mahi Tahi.

  2. awesome stuff when they can work together as a group which I personally think gives them great confidence in focusing on getting the work completed.

  3. Love the no man left behind phrase. Google Plus does wonders as i am always receiving them via notification and its nice to see what your students are up to with their work

  4. Comparing your Maori students and my Maori students I think they more interested in doing your subject than cooking however mentoring what they doing will help