Thursday, August 23, 2018

Literacy Activity with Year 7 and Year 8

With my intermediate Technology class today, I wanted to start off the lesson doing a short literacy activity where we look at the difference between 2D and 3D shapes and forms. We would also be looking at what various geometric shapes and forms are called.

We had a whole class discussion to start with where we were talking about what different things were called.

  • A square is 2D and a cube is 3D
  • A circle is 2D and a cylinder and a sphere are both 3D
  • A triangle is 2D and a pyramid and a cone are both 3D
  • a rectangle is 2D and a cuboid is 3D

The students were good at coming up with these words themselves. I wasn't telling them as we had Google images open in front of each student so they could research as we were talking.

This is my very messy board as we were talking.

We then talked about what everyday things that they knew that were the same shape and the same form of the things we were talking about.
I then wanted them to find some pictures of these shape, forms and things to illustrate a table on a Google drawing.

Here are some examples of the work produced by students today.
They were enjoying doing this so much we over ran my plan for the lesson quite a lot!!

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