Monday, August 20, 2018

Student Voice - Feedback about Design Project

My Year 11 class have recently completed AS91067 where they were using the influence of a designer on their own design work.
These are the questions that I asked the students to think about. I purposefully did not send them a Google Form with options to tick as I wanted them to think and give me their ideas in their own words.

Chair Project Feedback

What new drawing skills did you learn during the chair project?

I have learn exploded drawings, cross sectional drawing, learnt how to do parallel & perspective drawings, also rendering colours, texture & material.

Rendering with different colours on drawings.

I learnt how to draw in 3D.I also learnt how to render the looks on my chair.

I learnt how to how to draw ergonomes, cut through view, and exploded drawing.
What did you think of all of the pair and team exercises that we did?

I feel like there wasn’t enough pair and team exercises for me to decide on how I feel about them. But the activities that we did throughout this year we very eventful and joyful and I think there should be more of that so we can bond more with different peers.

It was fun and pretty cool to work others that I wasn’t close with.

I think that they were good because a lot of the skills came in handy n the individual work on my final design.

I thought they were quite enjoyable because it helped us gain experience of working with other people.
What did you think of having someone else come to teach us about literacy?

I think it was a good idea, because the teacher who taught us had good tips and feedback for us.

Alright, it felt normal.

I think it was alright but it could have been taught better by Ms Ferguson.

Having someone else come teach us about literacy allows us to gain better writing skills when working on our chair project and helps us get to that higher achievement standard.
Did you learn any new literacy strategies during this project? What were they?

Yes, I don’t exactly remember what the literacy activities were could but the helped us how to structure our sentences properly, by doing analysis breakdowns.

Analysing our work and explaining to our audience.

Not really but i did learn how to make a little booklet.I also learnt how a few language features and some techniques for my paragraphs.

Indeed, I learnt how to describe my chair design by making a statement then follow it with a reason, opinion or judgement.

Did you find it easier to write the analysis of your designs after we had practiced and learned some new ways of doing it?

Yes it definitely did.


Yes,because i struggled a lot with some better words to use for my analysis so it was good to practice and learn better language that suits my chair.

Yeah I found it easier after practising writing my analysis because it helped me get used to what sort of information I will need to provide in order for me to achieve an Excellence.
What do you need in future projects to help you to achieve?

Just keep practicing on writing analysis.

Someone explaining the steps to me and a lot of practice.

For future projects, I think I would like to have more fun activities that will help me understand the project better.

What do you learn in other lessons that can help you in DVC? (don’t just think about the “Subject Content” but the way that you do things)

In english learning about language technique could benefit me in DVC as it does involve literacy.

In BCATs when I colour and render my drawings and also shadowing.

In other classrooms, we do quizlet lives and kahoots to help us understand topics better.
Do you feel that you were supported enough during this project? If not, please give some ideas of how this could be better.

Yes I do feel like I was supported.

I was well supported.

Yeah I feel like I was given enough support I needed for this project because I managed to get work completed with quality.

If you were to plan this project for next year, what product would you suggest designing instead of a chair?

Maybe a desk design… I’m not quite sure

Maybe a table.

I would like to design cars, computers and sports balls or superheroes.
Is there any other comments you would like to make about this project or how we did it?

No from all

My take outs from this :-

  • Getting expert input into the strategies we have been trying, both in school and from one of our local primary schools, has had a bog influence and the students have appreciated it.
  • The students have appreciated the amount of work we have done on literacy strategies and feel it is helping them with their analysis work.
  • After reading this feedback and talking to the Technology specialist on PD recently, I think I will give the students a selection of different things to choose from to design for this standard.
  • Group work has been popular so I need to work more of that into my planning.
  • More light hearted activities to cover / revise the content at times would be welcome.

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