Monday, September 10, 2018

Literacy - Verbal Descriptions of Work

Over the course of this year, my Year 11 students have been the focus of my inquiry into literacy.  They have been making a pleasing amount of progress with their analysis writing about their designs.
What we were doing today was talking about their design modelling as they were doing them. As part of Manaiakalani Class OnAir, we have been looking at ergonomics and anthropometrics as part of the design process. The students have been making models of their design developments of the wearable tech project they have been doing. They have used each other as the models for this process to get the size and proportion correct. This has involved a lot of discussing with each other what they are doing and giving each other feedback and suggestions as they were working very "closely" with each other.
This was happening very smoothly and they were able to answer the questions I was asking them about what they were doing, right until we tried to do it on camera! With some note writing, giggling and a lot of "not yet miss!", we did these recordings today. It is interesting to see the difference it makes when the analysis "medium" is changed from written to verbal.

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