Friday, September 14, 2018

Student Reaction to Moderation Feedback

I have been reading this book, Mindset by Carol Dweck.
I want to learn about this as I think it is a big stumbling block for my students as they are going though the design process.

  • The do not want to do multiple designs.
  • They want to do one then stop.
  • They do not like keeping any of their designs which they see as a failure - I have to keep an eye on them to not let them remove sheets from their sketchbooks that they don't think are up to scratch.
  • They get discouraged easily when they think their drawing "talent" is not good enough.
I have difficulty in convincing them that it is the process that we go through that is important and if they throw out everything they do not like then we have no process to show!

The students have been completing their first bite at standard AS91066 where they have to render their design work to show shape, form, light and shadow, materials etc.
I photographed their drawings, put them in a folder and sent them to a colleague in another school who moderates my planing and marking for me.

The feedback that we got was that some were ok, 3 students were going up a level and 4 students had work to do to reach the required level.
The students who received the "positive" feedback were very happy, especially those who had their grades increased. 
I was worried about the reaction of the students who needed to be told about the work that still needed doing ie ... their work "wasn't good enough". I didn't want them to feel discouraged as they all work hard.
I was a very proud Graphics teacher today. The students set to with the improvements that were suggested to them with absolutely no complaints or bad feelings. There was no mutterings or grumpy faces. They worked hard over the double period and three of the students completed everything needed while the other one is well on it's way. 
Now my challenge is to keep this growth mindset going and for the students to accept feedback on their design work for what it is, a productive process to help them improve.


  1. Have a chat to our colleagues at Stonefields they do some great work and have visuals they use around this.

  2. Hi Karen, check this out - I'm going to try it for the first time with my seniors tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Nicola. There are some interesting points here.