Monday, September 10, 2018

Manaiakalani Class OnAir Lesson 10 - Ergonomic Design Modelling

Link to Manaiakalani Class OnAir to see the whole team.

Link to Extended Lesson Plan Here

Direct Instruction

This was a short talk about how important anthropometrics and ergonomics are in designing. This was backed up by a small presentation explaining the meaning of the words by breaking them down.

Class Site Content

Link to the class site where there is extra information about anthropometrics and ergonomics and how they are used in design work.

Learner Generated Content

Ongoing Lesson

The students are building their design developments on each other in order to get the size and proportion correct.


These are the starting models that the students have been making. They will take these and develop further after analysing what worked and what did not work.
The photograph is a link to take you to the folder of images.

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