Tuesday, October 30, 2018

External Submission Deadline

These last two days have been extremely busy. The pick up for my Design and Visual Communication NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 is on Wednesday morning and all the work needed collating and bagging up. It is always a very stressful time as I always have to mark the last project as it is going into the bag!
I prepare the sketchbooks by sticking information on the front of it. There is an example here. I put a shortened link to their portfolio Google Site as this contains all of the research they have done for their projects. It is much smoother sending the research this way as I used to have to print it all and that was ridiculous.
I used Bitly this year because if you make an account, you can personalise the links instead of them being a random selection of letters and numbers.
An example is here:-

School - Tamaki College
No - 57

Level 1 DVC Project Links
Name - Kayle XXX

Link to site

(Please ensure to type capitals and small letters when entering the url address)

I then lay out all the folders onto their plastic bags and make sure they are ticked off on the check list. The whole check list process was different this year so that meant reading the instruction booklet and underlining the important bits to make sure i was doing everything correctly.

Another difference is that I don't have to email or fax the check lists through. They go into a bright yellow bag so it is easy to see in the posting bags with all the projects.
It had a sign on the bag saying that it was degradable. While I appreciate them starting to use degradable plastic, I think it should last for the life of the job it has to do. This is the state of it when it arrived!

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