Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Inquiry Group - Results Analysis

I have just completed packaging up the students work to send away to Wellington to be externally marked so they have no more time on their projects.
I have done an analysis of the internal standards that the students in my inquiry group (my Year 11 class) have completed over the year and compared them to the previous 5 years.
I have had 13 Year 11 students doing Level 1 this year which is the largest group that I have had.

AS91069 - Promote an organised body of work to an audience using visual communication techniques - 4 credits

AS91067 - Use the work of an influential designer to inform design ideas - 3 credits

AS91066 - Use rendering techniques to communicate the form of design ideas - 3 credits

AS91068 - Undertake development of design ideas through graphics practice - 6 credits


  1. Great results , well done everyone

  2. What a beautiful shift in the quality of grades in the Rendering Techniques standard! It doesn't look like a once-off either, because you moved from all Achieved in 2015, to a few Merits in 2016, your first Excellence in 2017 and now SIX excellences in 2018! To me that looks as if you've been trying to develop how you support students to reach the higher grades, and you've done it :) I guess to really solidify the trend you'll have to get... eight! next year!

    PS. Who was the special lone star who got all the E's in 2014!

    1. Thanks Nicola.... That little star in 2014 was Fiu!!