Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Preparing for Jumpstart

Half way through this term, our Year 10 students move up into Year 11 and start their NCEA Level 1 courses. The standard we for this last year was the one that was moderated externally this year and I had PD and support this year to improve my planning. As a result of this PD, I am doing a Technology stand for Jumpstart instead of my usual DVC one. 
AS91057 - Implement basic procedures using resistant materials to make a specified product
We are going to design and make a pull along toy that will be made on the laser cutter and our theme will be Steam Punk.

I have put everything for the project onto a new site where I have broken it down into individual tasks. As part of the planning, I have been picking the brains of a fellow teacher of DVC who has taught this standard and he has made sure that I have covered everything that I need to as this standard is a new one for me.

When I plan a new project, I always like to work through all the activities that the students have to do myself. This gives me an idea of time scale, where any speed bumps might occur and has the added bonus of giving me examples to show them before they start.
As the theme is steam punk, I thought I would have a try at drawing on brown paper. I am really enjoying this so have bought the students lots of brown paper, sketch books, marker pens and coloured pencils. I am making examples of the design tasks that they have to do as well as making some skills sheets to see how the new media work together. This is where I am up to at the moment with this.

I like the fact that this planning is giving me lots of new ideas and techniques that I can use with my other classes.

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