Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Getting to know my new Tech rotation

This week is the week that the timetable switches round for the final time for the Year 9 and 10 students. They all rotate round to their final tech session for the year.
This means I have to get to know two new classes. This is a difficult time of the year to be getting a new set of relationships going with new classes so I decided to try and make them feel more at home in the classroom. I like to start a rotation by doing a quick getting to know you exercise called "Me".
It is basically a Google drawing with a collage on it full of stuff that they like and do.

I show them my example after explaining whereabouts in England I come from and comparing all the words we say differently due to our different accents.

I usually keep this as an online thing and get them to put them on their blogs, but decided to do it differently today. They shared them with me and I printed them all out onto A3 paper and put them up on the wall.
I was surprised at how keen they all were at this happening and were really happy to see their work put on the wall on the first lesson.

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