Thursday, August 1, 2019

Inquiry Question 10 and 11

Describe how you will collect information about the implementation of your changed practices/intervention (so it is clear what you doing differently)

Describe how you will keep a record of each of the above in a manageable way (‘cos you won’t otherwise remember all your many micro-decisions and why you made them)

I had a very profitable meeting with Fiona Grant today. I wanted to check in with her after our last CoL meeting in regards my next steps in my inquiry.
We talked about what those measurable steps could be so that any changes in achievement could be seen in the work of my students.
We also discussed how I had noticed changes in the students presentation quality and confidence in the three check points that there have been already. These were noted on my blog but I need a consistent way of recording and assessing change.

Inquiry Group - Baseline presentation

These are the decisions that I made today in relation to Inquiry questions 10 and 11.....

  • I will check in with my students approximately every two weeks (possibly weekly, this is all new!!)
  • We will use the Alice Keeler Webcam Record chrome extension or Screencastify to mainly focus on recording their voice. 
  • They will prepare and read out a 30 second explanation of what ever work they doing at the time of recording. 
  • The focus will be on use of appropriate vocabulary, clear and coherent explanations that make sense, confidence and clarity of verbal presentation.
  • I will save all of their recordings as links on a spread sheet.
  • I will use a marking grid to check off the attributes they have shown and how well they have shown them.
The first practice of this when we start will be this example that I have put together.
They will practice this a couple of times then make a recording.

Here is the rubric that I will use to check their recordings against.

30 Second Ted Talk Checklist

Can you hear what they are saying cleary?

Do they use subject specific vocabulary?

Does what they are saying make sense?

Do they use topic specific vocabulary in a way that in clear and coherent?

Do they speak in a measured, timed way so you can hear each word?

I have included all of this on the class Google Plus Community so they know it is coming up and they have access to all the information and documents.

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