Friday, February 14, 2020

Coding with Year 7 - Lesson 1

I have been preparing for my coding lessons with my new Year 7 class this year. I wrote a blog post here about how i was going to be looking at Algorithms.

Our first lesson was today, and after  we all got on my new website, found the work and I had given them a brief description of what an algorithm is, we all went into the carpark to try some out.

  • They got into small groups and decided who was the programmer and who were the robots.
  • Instruction 1 - The programmer had to give their robots one instruction and watch them do it then give them another and so on.
  • Instruction 2 - The same as one but they had to give two instructions.
  • Instruction 3 - They have to give 3 instructions bit include more details like direction and how long or how many.
  • Instruction 4 - They have to give 5 instructions, include details, one has to be sound, one movement in a line, one a dance movement
  • The programmer had to give the "algorithms" and the robots had to listen and remember a sequence of instructions.
We then got on with the rest of the prepared lesson as it is on the class site. We didn't get as far as I had planned as we spent a little more time playing in the carpark than I intended.

Things to note for next time :-
Check the mBots are charged - we had a couple of flat ones today
Check the boxes all have 6 in them - there was one with 3 today
The link to a copy of the presentation worked well and saved time.
They all got online fast and found the site and work very efficiently.

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