Monday, October 15, 2012

First Day Back Joy....!!!

It was the first day back at work today after the two weeks holiday. I have been joint Manaiakalni facilitator at Tamaki College all year and have always been amazed at the kids who turn up to the door of B10 ( the netbook support room) every Monday morning with a variety of issues that have happened over the weekend.
Broken screens, the internet has disappeared, it just freezes. Most things can be sorted with the
re-imaging stick, where we re-image the whole machines or change passwords that they have forgotten over the weekend or reconnect to the school wireless. More difficult jobs and breakages get booked in for our techie guys to look at and they decide if it is an in house fix or whether it needs to be sent away.

Today though, has been complete madness! Before I even got to the room this morning for period 2, I had been given 3 netbooks to re-image. The room was busy with visitors for the whole period.
The busiest part though was that every time I left a room and walked down a corridor  I had students following me. "Miss, can you fix my netbook?"
Seriously ! I don't know what they do to them over weekends and holidays!
On the other hand though, they always look happy when you can help them out.

Here is todays intake for the techies to look at tomorrow.


  1. Where is the 'Like' button on this thing!!
    They are lucky to have you.

  2. Wow! What a job... Great that they are well loved!

  3. Your last comment shows that you have a brilliant attitude: 'they always look happy when you can help them out'.

    A positive perspective!