Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Embedding a Flickr feed...

I have messed around with quite a few methods of embedding things onto a blog over the past 5 years of running TCTV. I found this method this morning about how to put a Flickr feed through as a post. Click on more ways to share and blogger is there and it asks to connect to your blog. Once you have done this, it appears as a method on the big icons for quicker access.

Here is my Flickr feed coming though.. I chose the option on my whole feed but you can do this on individual folders too.
I have been using the method of getting the html for the slideshow and embedding it for a long time now, but I like the way you get to see thumbnails of more photos at once on this method.

f9Lemon meringueCheese and sour cream sconesGinger CreamsFudgeBanana Whoopies
IMG_0109IMG_0162Outside the Chocolate Fish CafeIMG_0063IMG_0044IMG_0509
KarenFerguson1's photostream on Flickr.

Next task...Youtube feed on the sidebar as the gadget on Blogger has broken.

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