Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Google Analytics

I became really interested for the first time this morning with the Google Analytics that I had set up for my Graphics site, then forgot about.

It only shows from about July as I managed to set it up wrongly at the start...duh!
An interesting shaped spikey graph!

Interesting thought number one .....

I have under 50 students who will be regularly accessing the site at the moment, as I am on half timetable with being a facilitator this year.
So who are the other 300+ "unique visitors" that have had a look?
What were they looking for when they found my site and what did they think when they got there?

Interesting thought number two ....

An interesting variety of countries have found the site, with the UK and America having surprisingly large percentages.

My interest has definitely been tweaked by this today and I really want MORE... or will that feed the paranoia??

The link to the Graphics site is on the side of this blog if you are interested.

Here is where the traffic is coming from. A percentage is coming from the Manaiakalani site, which is interesting news for the rest of the sites in the school, if there is a volume of that traffic is coming from the cluster website.
Here is the link to that site.
The biggest percentage is coming from random hits from Google searches. What were they looking for??...hmmmm

The operating system information is interesting. The linux hits will be pretty much all students as that is the os on their netbooks. Quite a lot of the windows hits will be students too, when they are working on a desktop.

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  1. I'm interested in the 'Refering URL' information. How many of them were coming from the Manaiakalani website? That might give you a hint for the other TC Sites about how much public interest is generated from the cluster website.