Saturday, February 9, 2013

Having a go with the YouTube Video Editor

I have been aware of the YouTube online video editing ability since last year when I went to the Google PD day. I have had a little "play" with it, but nothing too serious.
We had our Powhiri at school this week for the new staff and students and I shot a bit of video as well  as taking the usual photographs. I usually use my MacBook to edit videos on iMovie, but i decided this time to have a proper go using the YouTube editor.
It took quite a while to upload the footage to Google. I decided to keep those files as private, so no one could see the unedited version of anything. The editing itself was very easy. Trimming the ends of clips was simple and adding a title and a fade out was easy to find. There is a basic set of tools at the moment, but it is all very easy to use and find your way around.
I am more confident now in recommending this method to staff who have no experience in editing videos. A lot of staff members mentioned making videos for their sites on their "wanting to learn" lists when polled at the end of last year.

Here is my first effort...

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