Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rolling, rolling, rolling.....

A new year means a new roll out.
This year we have a combination of the netbooks the students own that they have come from intermediate school with and the new chrome books that new sign ups are getting.
We started working on the first set of chrome books yesterday. It was a bit more tricky than we first thought ( and involved quite a varied selection of swear words being used while setting up the first couple !!).
We had to go into the admin dashboard to find the students new Google log ons / email addresses. This then had to be put into the chrome book. To get them onto the internet at school, they all need a pre-shared key (PSK), that will tie their machine to the wireless. To do this, these psk's had to be loaded from a spreadsheet onto a usb stick, via the note app on chrome. As the chrome books don't come loaded with any software that works offline, in order to read this psk from the usb stick, it had to be online. Temporary access to the guest network had to be used, the psk put into the student wireless connection, then the guest network forgotten.
For the students who have arrived with a netbook, we need to put in a psk so they can get on out network.
We ran out of psk's and new ones of these were sent at the end of today.
I guess I know how tomorrow will be spent.
Hey ho, at the start of last year we had to sit and put the bios on and image 450 netbooks from scratch!!... this is easy compared to that job!

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  1. Ha! And now we have figured that the psk can all be done from a pdf on a Flash Drive it is extra easy :)

    Completely agree about this beating Bios imaging