Friday, February 8, 2013

Starting my Class Sites

I made a decision at the end of last year that my Graphics classes this year would all be making their own sites to present their work on.  I wanted to do this so that everything they do this year will be in one place an not as separate documents etc that I have to nag them about sharing.
I made a start on this today with my Level 2 / 3 class. We made the basic site and put the pages on that they will put their project work onto.
I am thinking already that this will give them more alternatives to present their research work as they can embed so much more than the words and pictures that they have been used to.
I told them that when they shared it with me they could make me be able to view it not edit. Then after they had made them I hit them with the small piece of information that I am one of the school admins on the Google account, so I can get into anyone's site. Ha ha ha...their faces were a picture.

The list of sites on "my sites" since today has grown rather a lot !!

I am looking forward to seeing the students' Graphics work develop on their sites. It is a new way of working and presenting for them and me this year.
We have just got to convince NZQA to accept the work being submitted in this way!!

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