Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Manaiakalani Google ClassOnAir - Lesson 4 (Session 2 of 3)

The lesson information is from Lesson 4, session 1 of 3 - blog post here

I decided to spread this last "lesson" for the term across 3 sessions so the progress of the Year 11 group could be observed as they move towards their final poster design.

Here is what is new to this lesson during this session. I have mainly focussed on getting the students to talk about what they are doing in their project work.

Session 2 - 11th April

This is Dante talking about his Level 1 design work. He is in Year 11 and has not really been up to date with his work all term and has needed quite a bit of nagging.

This is Martha in Year 11and she is talking about her project. She is mainly working on the collection of the written information for her poster and she is not the world's biggest talker which comes through on this video.

This is Alex in Year 12. He has been working on his design era project. He is explaining what he has been doing to complete his work.

This is a few views of the ongoing lesson as students were getting on with their work. This shows views from both of my senior classes so there will be Year 11, 12 and 13 shown.

Lesson Plan Sessions - Added to previous plan on the 6th April

Tuesday 11th April

Session 1
Student Activity
Teacher Activity
  • Year 11 students are continuing with their final design work. This involves them working on Photoshop, finishing the write up of information for the poster or producing work in whatever way is appropriate.
  • Support and demonstrations of skills and techniques where needed with whatever they are doing during the lesson.
Session 2
Student Activity
Teacher Activity
  • Year 12 students are coming to the end of their design era work and they are focusing on news events of the time and the effects that events had on design of the time. They are mainly working on google drawings to present their work.
  • I will be walking the room giving help and support where needed, especially on the cause and effect section of their work as this is the most complex area.

Reflection and Analysis

What went well?

They seem to be plodding along quite nicely and I am having plenty of time to support them on a one to one basis which is good for them and I can see where their understanding is.
There is a range of abilities and use of techniques going on, ranging from basic layouts on Google Drawings which are headed towards an achieved to use of Photoshop to layout a design based on the style of their architect. This work will be headed towards merit of higher which is good to see for some of them.

What did not go so well?

I am worried about them getting everything complete before the end of term. If they finish their actual poster, then I will be happy, as we can collate everything onto their portfolio site and write an evaluation in the new term at the same time as starting the next project.
I have not had this completion problem with a whole Year 11 group on this project before and I am wondering if the mix of Level 1, 2 and 3 is affecting them in a bad way.
Time for some anonymous student voice surveys I think!

What can I do better?

Ensure that everyone is confident about what they need to do next. Maybe more use of the class community where it is just them together without the rest of the class (the Year 12 and 13's) could help facilitate this.

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