Monday, April 10, 2017

SOLO activities using Google Drawings

My two favourite things to use in the classroom are SOLO taxonomy structured activities and Google Drawings.
I decided to combine the two ...

I have made a selection of documents and I have colour coded them all in relation to this poster that is up in all of the class rooms at school.

My first folder is a set of teacher planning documents.
One is a presentation which is converted from a downloaded file. The others have been created on Google Drawings. The link to the folder is here.

The next folder is a set of generic templates that can be adapted to suit any subject. I have named these "Thinking Charts".
The link to this folder is here. There is also the image for the classroom poster in this folder and possibly a random burger  diagram.

The last folder is where I have been making Google Drawings that can be used in my Technology (Design and Visual Communication) classes.

All these folders are a work in progress, but I am finding making these documents, especially the ones related directly to teaching Technology, a very useful thing to do. It is making me structure activities in gradually increasing levels of complexity and so can be used for a range of ability levels across year groups and across different projects. 

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