Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Student voice about how they like the lesson instructions presented to them.

For the past 4 years, I have been using Google Plus Communities with my classes. We put our work on their so everyone can see it and give feedback.
I have also been using it increasingly for lesson instructions, links, examples ect, on a day to day basis. This started as a good place to put instructions when leaving relief work but it got used more and more for every day lessons.
The NCEA communities are here.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 2

This year, the school as a whole has made a move towards using Google Calendars more with the students. I have been putting lesson instructions and links on to the calendars. These are embedded on the class site and onto the front of their portfolio sites.

I have tried both methods this term and then tried not doing any online method, just relying on me telling them what to do when they come in the room.
Today, I have asked their opinions about this and what they like / don't like.

Here are the questions that I asked them and their answers :-

"Hello. I have tried putting the lesson instructions onto a calendar this term. This calendar is on the front of your personal Google Site. I have also continued to put instructions and examples in the class communities.
I want to know what you have used the most, liked the most, noticed.
I have not used these methods for the whole term on purpose to see if you noticed when one was used and not the other."

  • It was helpful all the time, because with having the instructions on the calendar we could keep up to date with our work.
  • Because they were easy to understand even when Miss wasn't in class.
  • cause computer sometimes slow
  • it had precise instructions
  • I like the instructions because when its easily for me access my work faster
  • I just like it because it helps me
  • I just like it because it helps me
  • I liked it because it helps me understand what I need to work on and shows me what we are doing each day when we have graphics.
  • I like the instructions on the calendar cause when we straight away get in class we can login and check the calendar to see what today task are.
  • I like having the questions being put up on the calendar because easy access to view.
  • I like the instructions put into the calendar because easy access to it
  • I like it because it's easy to access things.
  • The calendar is great, because if we are lost we can just check the calendar.
  • I like it because it helps me understand more 
  • Because they we easy to understand when she was absent

  • It was very helpful for me, when the teacher put up instructions on the community.
  • It also was easy to read when she wasn't here
  • its algood so were not always nagging what to do 
  • Just the same opinion in using calendar but a lot easier to access (for me) because we receive an email every time there's a new post. 
  • I like the words the community has did
  • I liked it because it helps me 
  • I liked the community instructions because it show our progress and where we are at. It also gives us feedback from the teacher to know what needs to be done. 
  • Cause it was confusing
  • Don't really go on the community site.
  • i like using community because it has visual instructions and teachers can give us examples through pictures
  • I like using the community for instructions because you don't have to sit and listen to your teacher talking for 10 minutes, telling you what you're suppose to do.
  • I like the community for instructions because I'm usually on the google community rather than the site, and also it's simple.
  • I like it because it helps me more 
  • Because they also were easy to understand when she was absent

My main takeaways from this :-
  • The students seem to like the calendar and community equally.
  • The students appreciate the "rewindable" factor about both methods.
  • The students like the community as it is more visual (I like it for this reason too!)
  • They also like the community as they can look at each others work and support each other.
  • They like the easy access of the calendar.
  • Some of them liked the way the instructions seemed more precise on the calendar.
So.... I guess I am going to move into Term 2 using the calendar and the community.
That's OK...

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