Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Using SOLO to get ready for Product Analysis.

My Year 12 Design and Visual Communication class are getting into their product research when we get back in term 2. They are going to design lighting for a cafe based on the design era that they have been researching.
I wanted to use SOLO Taxonomy to structure the product research so the students have access to the depth of thinking that they need in a step bot step way.

I have downloaded all these Google Drawings as images to put on the blog so I have put links to the Google Drawings with the images here so you can click on them and make a copy of the drawing if you would like to. I also add instructions etc round the sides of the drawings which you cant see when you download it as an  image.

First of all, I want them to describe an example of a lighting design that they have found.
Link here

Then I want them to dig deeper with their analysis of a found design, so they will do this document that gradually increases the complexity of the questions it asks.

Comparing their found designs with another one is a really good way of analysing why design decisions were made on existing products.

They also have to look at materials, constructions methods and ergonomics.
I have got as far as planning the materials research section so far. Onto the other 2 sections next. (construction and ergonomics)

Link here

Here is the link to where this material is presented on the class website.

I like how a lot of these documents give the students access to multiple levels of working, depending on how far they get through each coloured set.

I colour code my SOLO related activities related to a poster that is up in every class room at school.

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