Thursday, June 14, 2018

Continuing the Literacy Display in my Classroom

As part of the display on my back wall, which started with the literacy breakdown work I have been doing with the school literacy specialist, Mr Marc Milford, I am adding some things about paragraph focus ideas and SOLO taxonomy.

The first one is this paragraph burger, which is adapted from the Writing Book and part of the SOLO Taxonomy thinking charts that I have been putting together.

Link to document here
I want the students to be able to use the structure we have been working on, which is highly visible on the back wall (a 3ft x 5ft poster!) and look at this poster for ideas on what they could write about.

The other thing that I have been working on for this display is a structure that is based around SOLO Taxonomy too. This one will be shared directly to the students to have in their drive too so they can use it as a template and starting point for their writing.
I have put the structure on the drawing and instructions around the outside so when the students use it and embed it in their work, the instructions and support will not be seen.
The colours on this document relate to the colours used on the SOLO posters that are in all of the classrooms.

Link to document here

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