Saturday, June 2, 2018

Project Planning to include Literacy

The last project that my Year 11 students have done for the last few years has been designing a mobile phone. Here is the link to last year's site with the planning for this project. When I was talking to my current Year 11 class about this, they were not too inspired by this idea. To be honest, I don't mind that they don't want to do this as the designs were getting a bit similar ( a bit like phones are all getting the same in the shops!!). So the new plan is wearable technology and they are much more interested in this idea.

As I am starting the planning for this project from scratch and not just adapting one that I already have, I like to scribble with pen and paper first, so I can scrub things out and use arrows a lot to link stuff together. It's the graphics teacher in me.
With my inquiry being solidly in subject specific literacy this year, I thought that right at the beginning of the planning process is a really good place to start building in literacy strategies.

The red sections show my thoughts on literacy during the design process. I showed this to Marc, our literacy specialist, and he wanted to talk to me about the first section where we are researching as the students need to do a lot of reading at this point.
One of the strategies that he wants me to research is "Double Entry Diary", so this is my next step in planning this new project as the research is fairly early in the design process.

Here is some information that I have found so far, so my next step is to adapt this so I can use with with my design class.

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