Thursday, June 28, 2018

ISTE 2018 - Day 5 - Employ Design Thinking with 3D Printing While Learning to Code

There is a skills gap where people need work and the industry needs people.
They run toolkit’s through design thinking not through apps etc.
Find problems and then solve them with the design thinking process.
People focused - societal and cultural problems
Give students a scenario and they have to work out the problem themselves.
Virtual crash course
You need a beginners mind in the design thinking process.
1. The interview
2. Dig deeper - what are your questions - practical and social - don’t come with questions with answers already in mind. This questioning part is critical - how can we ask the right questions
3. Capture findings - fast ideas - cover the tables with roll paper / big paper so students can just write and draw on every surface while they are thinking.

Rapid prototyping is a game changer with this process.
It alloCws anyone with access to a printer to become a prototyper.

Cad competency needs building so this process is smooth and there is not a jolt / stop / problem in the middle.
Build cad skills based on something that exists not while having to think about designing as well to start with.
Reverse engineering what you see - really good for skills building
BlocksCAD - coding based design app for 3D printing.

On Tinkercad, click on edit grid and change the workplace size to be the size of the bed in the 3D printer.
scribble tool is freehand.
Just start to build - don’t have to log in
Do a snowman build to get skills.

Tells you what the print is doing step by step.
The slicer gets its time and amount of plastic values from the gcode.

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