Thursday, November 1, 2018

Inquiry Group - Student Voice

What went well this year in DVC?

Getting my credits before the deadlines.
Basically, everything.
Me getting all my credits before the deadline and ms ferguson helping us achieve without getting a NA.
I think what went well, while being in this Graphics class, I have improved more in my drawings and developments of those drawings.
The group activities that we did earlier this year in DVC including the no rules game where we had to create our own rules from scratch went well.
Everything went well in my opinion, by doing assessments, designing and etc...

I like the fact that they have brought up deadlines and group activities. My plan for next year is to work much tighter around deadlines to keep us all up to date ( letters and phone calls home with regular updates, after school sessions, regular looking at each other's work to see themselves in relation to the rest of the class). I also feel that the group work was a very positive point this year so will be doing much more of it.

Why do you think this went well?
Because of how fast I am at finishing the work.
I think this because i was put into graphics and it went well because i managed to achieve in all the internals with the help of Ms Ferguson.
Ms ferguson helping and hurrying us up to finish so we can pass quickly.
Because overtime I was clueless about creating something new and improve, but over the year I excelled more and ended up getting a few excellence in my projects, which I was very pride of.
Because all the groups were supportive with each other's set of rules and adapted to them and had a good time together.
Because I was able to meet my goal into getting excellence credits, and I got the help that I need in order to achieve this goal.

Supporting each other has been a definite positive this year and needs building on in the other year groups too. I am so pleased that they are feeling pride in their progress over the year and they are feeling the benefit of trying hard to improve.

What did not go so well this year in DVC?

Just struggling last minute for the last internal when i decided not to take the wearable tech internal serious from the start.
Trying to complete the tasks on time
When i'm doing my final design for my chair I had a lot of mistakes and improvements that needs to be done.
Being naughty and get into trouble a lot in the start of they year.
My first project which was the Poster designs on my architecture
I think that the commitment of attending after school catch up classes to complete unfinished work did not go so well for most students.
Students who disturbed the class

I find it interesting that they highlight similar things that I would. For example, not coming to the offered after school study classes which would have helped them a lot. Also, the bad start some of them had on the first project when they were still settling into being a Year 11 student. 

Why did this not go so well?

Because when ms was away i didn't do the work left behind and i just used it as free time.
Because it was hard to progress when you stumble across an obstacle
Because I did not apply what Ms Fergerson told me to do to make my work better.
Me hanging around the wrong people and at the wrong time.
I wish I did better and got a excellence for this project, but I'll work hard next year.
Because some students that needed to complete their assessments did not turn up when it was necessary to do so.
Because they were a distraction.

I too was worried about the time that I had to be away this year and the fact that hardly any of them did the work that I had left for them to do. This has lead to a huge rush at the end of the year which I was hoping to avoid this year. It was also a factor in the students who failed to complete the last project.

How could this be made easier, better for the future?

Be a better person at listening and focusing on my work.
Just for myself, i could improve on my free hand sketching and being able to cope with the struggles of trying something new.
If there was more time to explain and guide across the obstacle
I will apply all the techniques and imporvements that she told me to do so it will be easier for me.
Just to listen to ms, focus on my work more harder and to just be a better person.
Focus more and do more work in order to get an excellence endorsement for graphics
I think what would make it easier in DVC for the future, is to group those who work consistently with people who need help, that way, students will be able to learn off each other in a way that will lead to success hopefully.
I could avoid there distracting and just focus on working hard even more

I like the feedback about taking time to explain and work around the speed bumps we come up against. I think we spend too much time forging forwards when we need to slow down and focus on the things that need more work when we need to.
Choosing the group s for them is an interesting one. I am never too keen to do that in  case I put them with people they don't like. I might try it once and see how it goes.

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