Friday, November 9, 2018

Jumpstart - Task One

I met my new NCEA Level 1 class yesterday for the Jumpstart session at the end of the year. We did some drawing skills yesterday and so today for the first double period of the course we made a start on Task One of the project. Link here to the Jumpstart project site.

The first task is to make a mood board of our theme for the project which is Steampunk.  My plan was to have the students work in pairs or small teams to do the mood boards as they are all collecting images to do with the same theme it may as well be a team activity. We decided to do this as a whole group today and make one big mood board.

The students researched lots of different images to illustrate Steampunk and sent them to me to print. They then cut them out and started assembling them on the mood board. The board itself was three large pieces of cardboard taped together so it can stand up. They can then have that up in the class room as they are working on their design ideas to be inspired by the shapes, colours and textures.

It was good to see them all working together as a team (one of them didn't want to be in the team photograph ) and feel like they accomplished something so early in the project.

We had some time left at the end of the session so we had a play with the gears to prepare ourselves for the next task.

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