Friday, November 16, 2018

Learning Geometric Drawing through Pattern Making

My intermediate classes have been learning how to draw geometric shapes using drawing equipment lately. The equipment we have been using is rulers and compasses to draw circles, triangles, hexagons and isometric cubes.
To make this more fun, we have been doing this learning as pattern making.

To start with, we practiced some circles and when we were feeling more confident we started putting 7 circles together. From these 7 circles you can colour a flower or add some extra straight lines to make stars or flowers.
The link to the instruction on the class site for this is here.

Then we used our compass skills to draw equilateral triangles and hexagons. Link to class site instructions

All the time while doing this we were talking about the new vocabulary we were coming across and finding examples of it to explain and clarify it further. Blog post here.

Then we moved onto using isometric grid paper to make templates for our coloured cubes.

This template was used to draw around on 3 different colours of sugar paper that they then assembled to create a stacked cube illusion.
This is the link to the folder with their work in it. 

Their flowers, stars and cubes are all decorating my classroom wall and they look great.

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