Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Inquiry Group - Number Crunching

My inquiry group this year been my Year 11 NCEA Level 1 Design and Visual Communication class.  I have already done an overall analysis of their results this year, link to blog post here, so I thought that I would do an analysis of the level of excellence grades. I think this will show if my work on literacy with them this year has had any effect as it is the level of analysis writing that gets them the higher grades.

This table shows the percentage of excellence grades achieved for each standard for this year and the previous 5 years.  I decided to show percentage as the comparison as I get a widely different number of students every year and this year was the largest class that I have had in a long while (13 students).


This next table shows the total entries for all the students for all the DVC standards against the number of excellence grades achieved.. This year has the most entries (50) as there was the most students. There was still the same number of standards.

Total Entries503034253238

The achievement challenge that I have been focussing on this year has been achievement challenge number 1 :-

Raise Māori student achievement through the development of cultural visibility and responsive practices across the pathway as measured against National Standards and agreed targets for reading Years 1-10 and NCEA years 11-13.

Because of this, I have broken down the achievement of the Māori students in the class.

Maori 2018151515
4 students8 (E)3 (M)4 (A)
4 standards -153%20%27%

I am very pleased with the increase in achievement the students have shown and their willingness to go through the process with me this year. They knew I was focussing on literacy with them and why I was doing it.
The breakdown of my inquiry at the start of the process has helped greatly as it gave me a structure to work to and a target to aim at.
The section where I broke down what I needed to learn as the teacher has been a huge learning curve for me this year but I feel it has given me something that I can continue working on.
This whole process for me this year has really highlighted the benefit of using the skills of colleagues round you to great effect.
Thank you to :-

Link to all the literacy labelled posts here.

I can do the happy dance now ....

PS ... don't ask me about the Year 12 and year 13 results as that is a whole other story, but I have proved to myself that it works now so I have something to build on and use.


  1. What a cause for celebration! Who woulda thunk (to quote our researchers) that a focus on literacy would accelerate outcomes in DVC. These young people are poised to fly in years 12/13.

  2. Fantastic results . Well done for the hard focusing on the needs of your students .

  3. This is awesome Karen. Extra special that your hard work, reflection, planning and willingness to innovate has led to such big gains!

    AND you even achieved these results with a bigger class than usual. Do you think that having a bigger group of Maori students able to discuss and collaborate had a positive impact too? Or the bigger impact was your change in practice?

    1. Thanks Nicola. It was great having that bigger group so they could collaborate a lot more and help each other.

  4. Congratulations! These are awesome results Karen. I have loved following your inquiry this year and have found our chats about your literacy focus really interesting. I love the powerful display in your classroom, it is a great visual tool for your students to strengthen their connections with. Thank you for all the amazing sharing :)

    1. Thanks Robyn. It was your classroom walls that inspired me!!!