Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Year 13 - Measuring the auditorium

My Year 13 class need to know the size of the auditorium, the position of the doors and the size of the stage. They need this information as part of their research before they start doing their set designs.
I first thought that I could get a copy of the technical drawings of the school, but then decided that they needed the experience of measuring.

They were fairly hopeless at it to be honest. 
  • Understanding of measuring in mm
  • Understanding how to measure something that it longer than the measuring tape
  • Understanding all the information that they need to collect.
  • Working together to measure and record the information.
We definitely need to do more measuring activities so that when they start working out how big to make their designs and making scale models of them, they have a clearer idea of what to do.

We then sat all together in the classroom afterwards and compared notes. The measurements that they took were added to two diagrams on the whiteboard.

This information has started to be put together on a scale drawing using Adobe Illustrator.
This is the plan view that has been completed.

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