Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Back on Site - Level 2 Syle

I was SOOOOO excited this week. We were due back on site at school to teach. The week started with with an awesome staff meeting in the auditorium, where the chairs had been set up with enough space between them. We looked like a huge group of people who have been sent to the naughty chair!. It was so good to see everyone in the flesh.
We have a rolling start for our students. Y12 and Y13 in on Monday. Y11 on Tuesday, Y9 and Y10 on Wednesday then the whole school from Thursday onwards. It has been so good to see the senior students so far this week.
We have had to set our classrooms up in "exam style". Basically all separate desks with spaces between to ensure the correct social distancing. I wrote a blog post about the seating plans and drawing equipment boxes for the tables. 

Here it is in real life in the class. I had to put the tables on a diagonal as they were too close otherwise and I think I am going to have to swing the computer tables round so they are facing each other. Other than that though, it was an ok plan.

All staff were given a sanitation pack too so the students sanitise their hands as they come into the class and the tables etc get cleaned with the spray between classes. I don't think my tables have been this clean or been cleaned so often in their lives. We are a messy lot in my room.

As a warm up activity for my students to do so we didn't have to launch straight into our project work, they were all given paper and they got to play with the new drawing packs on the tables and get used to not moving round to get stuff like they are used to in my room.

Instructions (given out in stages with time in between) - 
Draw a square, 4 circles, a triangle, a squiggly line coming off from one circle .. etc ...etc...

Some of the instructions were about how they were feeling - draw a face on the cloud to show how you are feeling  - colour the cloud to show how you were feeling this morning - put some weather coming from the cloud to show how you feel about tomorrow.
These were interesting as they showed me the mixed feelings they had about coming back and how they are not looking forward to another couple of days of online teaching again till the whole school is back on Thursday.

I possibly am going to have to sew my sleeves into my pockets to keep me from hugging students. It is very hard. 


  1. Awesome work on your classroom layout Karen! Please pass on what a great job of shading your students did on the warm up activity, really love the (cloud) image in particular. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Brenton
      It was a bit of a shuffle to fit them in but I got there with Grundy's help!!
      The kids thought i'd gone a bit crazy over lockdown with the warm up. Love it!!

  2. Hi Karen, I really love how responsive both yourself, and the Techies have been, with regards to health and safety in our classrooms. In particular, I'm impressed with the thought that you have put into the individual setup of your desks, to be self sufficient for each learner in terms of resources etc to enable them to get stuck into practical aspects of their learning. I know through our discussions that you were trouble shooting ideas around maintaining equipment and materials so they would be ready for use by different learners as they come through your learning space. Well done :)