Sunday, May 17, 2015

Great Weekend Email Conversations

I sent out the link to my Level 1 online mooc module to all of the Year 10 students on Friday. I chose this standard to offer in this way at Level 1 as it is the easiest to do without having access to the Graphics room or specialist equipment.

Some of them have been signing up already and I have been having some great email conversations with them over the weekend as they get their heads around what they are doing. They have to do this totally in their own time with no class time.

They fill in a Google form to sign up, and then I send out their own copy of the achievement standard / assessment sheet so they can embed it on their site that they have to make as part of the process.

I have been able to see it through their eyes this weekend and make some key changes to some parts to make it clearer.
There is nothing like student voice to keep you on your toes!!

Student "L"

miss wat is this??

did you sign up to do the level 1 dvc project?

No, i didn't!??

don't worry if you don't want to but your name came up on the enrolment sheet. Did you fill the form in?

No, i didn't fill it in sorry. but is it hard?? 

have a read through all the tasks and see what you think... no pressure..

I think it sounds fun, who will our audience be?? and do we choose an architect or do you give it to us?

if you look at the task bar to where it says architects, there is a choice there. If you dont like any of those, you can give me a suggestion :D

Ok, where's the task bar??

Inline image 1

jokes never mind miss i found it,, =)

thanks miss, can i email you again if i need help.....

any time you like :D

Student "S"

Hi Miss. I'm kinda stuck and confused. I have made my Level 1 DCV site which I've done with the help of your first video. But there's two other video's at the bottom of that one, do I ignore those two videos and move onto the 'Making your Site Public' ?

Yup. That's right. I put those there for the level 2 students so I could have all my vids in one place. Don't be shy if you are stuck. Just let me know. You are doing well. 

I have creating my site and the pages. It says to share the URL link to my teacher, do I share it to my tutor teacher? 

No. Me!!! Lol. I shall change the instructions on that one to make it clearer. Thanks. :)

great job!!

Hi miss me again. I have clicked on the 9 app squares and there isn't a G+ icon, I tried finding but no luck. So do I make a new google plus myself? or.. 

Type Google plus into a Google search. Still do it with your school log,in though.
....thanks for letting me know all these things as it means I can make my instructions clearer on the site :D

Student "I"

Y10 Assignment thing
it will take to long to make a new google + account 4 skwel so can I just my not school account!

Yeah ok. 

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