Thursday, May 7, 2015

Site Design - Template 8

This design has the page set up so that the layout is "left sidebar". Both the horizontal and the sidebar navigation is turned off.
A tall, slim Google Drawing is embedded on the left sidebar with the links to the group pages set up on the drawing. These links lead to site pages for each group.
The header was made on a drawing and downloaded as an image file so that it could be used in the header on the site.
The main, large area of the page on the home page is used by an embedded Google Map that shows the areas of the school that each group is in charge of keeping tidy.
Using the left sidebar option to put the navigation drawing in leaves the rest of the page available for content on the front page, as the whole thing is not taken up by navigation as in other examples in the series.

Link to the template here
Link to the files used on the template here
See the rest of the templates in the series here

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