Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tracking the Online Course...

It has been 4 days since I let the MOOC side of my Level 1 course go live. I emailed it to the whole of Year 10 on Friday and left it to see what happened.
So far, 4 days in, I have got 12 Year 10 students who have signed up for the online project which will give them 4 early Level 1 credits. More have expressed interest to me but haven't clicked the button yet.
When the students enrol, they do it by filling a a very quick Google form embedded on the site.  This then feeds the names into a spreadsheet. I decided to use this spreadsheet as the tracking sheet for the course, as it will keep everything nicely in one place.

When they enrol, I make an assessment sheet for them with the standard information on. This is linked on the "A/S" column. When they make their Google site and send me the URL, that is linked next ( there is one there up to now ). They choose which architect to research, and their choice is in the next column so I can remember what I am looking at when I look at their work. The G+ column is changed to orange when I make sure they have access to Google Plus on the admin dashboard, then green when they have joined the Level 1 community and introduced themselves. The images column, next, is when thy have started to collect pictures of their architects' work and have embedded it onto their Google site.
What I am liking here is the "add note" on the cells in a spreadsheet as I can write myself up to date notes as to what I have seen and any communication between me and the student.
Keeping on top of this is gong to be so much more important as I don't have the luxury of having these students in front of me in the class at all.

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