Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Site Design - Template 6

This template design continues the theme of using a Google Drawing for the navigation. The front / home page is an embedded Google Drawing. I have removed the site title / header and both navigation bars so this is all reliant on the Google Drawing.
Each of the coloured bars acts as a link to a page on the site. This had to be done on the drawing itself, so the links could be placed on the coloured shapes. I made the pages on the site and took each page url to be the link on the drawing.
The coloured bars theme is continued on each page with the headers...
The titles of each page have been removed on the page settings so these title bars are right at the top of each page and match with the coloured theme.
I have not put a home button on the individual pages as they open in different windows when clicked on the main page, so the home page is left open.
Here is the link to the template.
Here is the link to the file of documents used on the design.
Here are the rest of the site templates in the series.
There is a How To about making shapes into links on Google Drawing here

(If you use the Google Drawing from the design, the design includes a white circle to make part of the curved shape on the front. When it is embedded, only the part that overlaps the page on the drawing is included.)

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