Thursday, November 28, 2019

Coding the Tamaki College mBot Christmas choir - Part 1

Today with my intermediate class who are doing coding, I wanted to do a quick "warm up" do now. This plan failed immediately and it turned into a whole double session on this activity.
We were coding our mBots to sing Jingle bells. I had found an easy version online with no flats or sharps so it could be a "quick activity". Well ... no...

We ended up trying to all code the same  so that we could all push the buttons on the mBots together and have an mBot choir. This then morphed into planning on going into the class next door to carol sing with the mBot choir.

Through no fault of their own, we had technical issues ( hey ho, when don't you when working with tech ), we did not get finished and they were not sounding as alike as was needed for this "concert".
We saved our work with the plan to carol sing at the start of next week.

When they had gone, I had an idea. I have given the music to one of our music teachers and asked them to write a harmony part and plan to get half the class on the original code and half on the harmony part.

I have written the code for the basic part and plan to give it to the students for the start of next week along with the harmony part. We can then get the whole class in the choir working together.

Part two of this blog post will be next week when we give this a try. This could be great or hideous. Either way will be fun.

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