Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Product Design using SOLO Taxonomy

I am busy putting together all my planning for next year so that I can get it all moderated and ready to go in the new year. I am currently working on the product design project for Year 12. They need to look at existing products and analyse them so I have structured this around the SOLO Taxonomy levels. This task then starts with some simple labelling and identifying and slowly builds the complexity of the questions to add more depth as they go.
I am hoping that if this is a smooth process for the students, then we can do something similar in structure along with all the literacy structure for the analysis of their own design ideas. This is the part that they always find difficult and I am constantly working on trying to improve.


  1. Karen, Thank you for the work you do - the effort and energy you put in to make learning in technology accessible to students. This is a great resource for teachers working to understand how to use SOLO as a model of and for learning Pam :-)

    1. Thanks Pam. I really appreciate that. SOLO is such a great structure to build confidence.